The Book

The Great Zimbabweans book was self-published as a limited edition coffee table book in April 2021 through a successful crowdfunding campaign. The campaign also served to raise money for several local Zimbabwean charities. The introduction and foreword to the book were written by the esteemed Zimbabwean authors Petina Gappah and Douglas Rogers. The interviews for the book were co-edited by Sara Davies, Carolyn Jones and Jane Snelgrove. The beautiful design was produced by James Mentz of Tenacity Works studio.

A limited amount of copies are still available to purchase, please email for details.

An excerpt from Petina Gappah’s introduction:

“The wonderful subjects of this books, the aptly named Great Zimbabweans, speak eloquently to many aspects of Zimbabwe’s contested legacy, each one bringing a unique take on a complex, complicated and complicating national story. There are as many Zimbabwean experiences as there are Zimbabweans who have lived them – experiences of Great sorrow and  pain, there have been many achievements, both national and personal, and there has also been Great joy and the humble satisfaction of finding meaning in small ways.”